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What is Progress?

By tracking your progress on MENTOR360 you can see changes in the breakdown and in yourself. You’ll see down days, but as you get to know yourself better, and find habits and solutions that work for you, you’ll start seeing more positive days. If you look back on your last week and see a bad day, take a look at what you did that day. Did you write a note to explain any external factors that may have affected your mood? This area is for you, and everyone’s progress breakdown will look different, so find a way to use it that works for you.

Get the most out of Progress

When you become a PLUS member you’ll get much more out of the progress part of the app. First, instead of only seeing your last 7 days, you can see your last 30 days, or even up to 3 months in the past. Use your breakdown to get a clear representation on how your mood changes.

You’ll also get a new feature called Your Summary. use this to chase after key life factors, such as sleep, rest and downtime, your values, yourself and your mind, exercise, your body and the people around you. You can choose these factors at the end of everyday. Tell the app if you had some downtime, you had good relationships with others etc, and this will show you which areas you have been working on and which areas you could find room for improvement in. Remember: your progress will always be saved so even if you cancel your PLUS membership for a bit, when you come back you’ll still see it.

Your Monthly Summary, 30 days and 3 months breakdown are features that are exclusive to MENTORPLUS members. You can find out about all the amazing features available to MENTORPLUS members in the recommended guide below.

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