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Trauma: Jason Fox

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From Life Lessons: From Sport and Beyond with Simon Mundie

Jason Fox is a former marine who was discharged from the army with PTSD. After coming close to suicide, Foxy started ‘looking inwards’ to process his trauma and work on rediscovering a childlike love of living in the present. The work he did was hugely rewarding, and since recovering he has gone on to forge a hugely successful career in the media, as star of ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ as well as on Netflix’s ‘Inside the Real Narcos’. He is also the author of books including Battle Scars – which looks back in detail on his mental health difficulties and subsequent recovery – and Life Under Fire. In this episode we discuss what trauma is, the benefit of ‘doing the work’, and why learning to stop identifying with the voice in our head is vital. Foxy is vulnerable, honest and open, and he’s now part of Mentor 360 – which is an interesting new app that helps people become more self-aware and develop healthy new habits. It was a pleasure chatting to Jason and I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did

**HEADS UP** There are a few swear words in this episode


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