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Relationships with Supervisors

Creating positive relationships with supervisors as a foundation doctor is crucial for your professional development and can also improve your work experience. Here are some suggestions to create positive relationships with your supervisors:

  1. Be Respectful: Show respect towards your supervisors and their expertise. Address them respectfully and listen to their feedback with an open mind.
  2. Communicate Effectively: Effective communication is key to building a positive relationship with your supervisors. Be clear, concise, and professional in your communications. Ask questions and seek clarification when needed.
  3. Be Reliable: Consistently meet deadlines, show up on time, and complete tasks to the best of your ability. This will help build trust and confidence with your supervisors.
  4. Seek Feedback: Ask for feedback from your supervisors on your work and how you can improve. Take their feedback constructively and work towards implementing it.
  5. Be Proactive: Take initiative and show your supervisors that you are interested in your work and are willing to learn. Offer to help with projects and take on additional responsibilities when appropriate.
  6. Be Supportive: Show support to your supervisors and colleagues. Offer help when needed and be a team player.
  7. Boundaries: While most supervisors are supportive, if the relationship you have with them is challenging or makes you feel bad about yourself, consider speaking with your foundation programme tutor. 
  8. Assertiveness: Respect in relationships is two-sided. If you feel disrespected, discriminated against or you are being treated unfairly, please see the ‘Boundaries’ section in ‘Tools’ for ways to support you to be assertive. 

Remember, creating positive relationships with your supervisors as a foundation doctor is essential for your professional growth and success. By being respectful, communicating effectively, being reliable, seeking feedback, being proactive, being supportive, and building rapport, you can build positive relationships with your supervisors.

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