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Really Struggling

This video is me talking about what it might be like if you’re really struggling. I’ve also included the link below to a longer article on the ways you might be feeling and what to do. I’d really recommend checking out the Just Not Right formula below for next steps on the app. 

Dr Alexandra Lagaisse, Registered and Chartered Clinical Psychologist 

It can feel such a strange sensation when you’re really struggling, especially if you don’t know what the specific cause is. Many people I work with come to me describing they don’t feel themselves. They might be more irritable, feel low or tearful. Sometimes they can’t sleep or have had changes in their eating habits, either eating more or less. Often people find themselves engaging in unhelpful habits such as drinking too much alcohol. It can affect personal relationships and work, as well as a general lack of joy and connection to life. 

As a Clinical Psychologist, rather than focussing on specific mental health diagnoses, we tend to work with looking at what things have contributed to someone feeling the way they do. Seeing a person’s way of responding as a coping mechanism, albeit sometimes very unhelpful, leads someone towards empowerment and recovery. 

It is worth remembering that when you’re struggling it is easy to catastrophise, seeing everything as overwhelming and problematic. Getting caught in cycles of negative thinking is a tricky habit to break and can feel endless. In reality, change happens over time and is instigated by small moments of choosing a different way, whether that be opening up to someone and sharing how you feel or doing something healthy where before you might have done something that makes you feel worse. 

We’ve designed the formulas and habits in a way to be pragmatic and concrete, to give suggestions of how to make healthier habits each day. I would suggest looking at a topic that you feel connected to and experimenting with it. Try out the formula and see how you feel after a week. Even a small improvement is worth it. 

Of course, I am biased, but I think seeking out a professional to talk to can be life-changing and that could be a great outcome in deciding to feel better and getting the help you need! It also goes without saying, but if you feel in immediate danger then you should call 999 and get support from paramedics. 

If you or a loved one is in immediate crisis...