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The word power can hold lots of different meanings and associations for us. Some of these are positive: empowering and inspirational, whereas others are less so: controlling and forceful. Most know what it feels like to be powerless, and it can be overwhelming and a lonely place to be. 

Feeling powerlessness is threatening and often we might have a strong urge to behave in ways that stop us from feeling that way to regain a sense of control. If control isn’t restored this can harm our mental and physical health and wellbeing. Power in itself is not an issue; it’s how we use it that makes it dangerous to ourselves and others. Often at the centre of people exerting power over others is fear. It might be that you’re navigating a world that is less accepting of you or how you behave sometimes is less helpful because it might come from a place of fear.  These are some questions to help you think about your power, how you might use it and what happens when you experience powerlessness. 

  1. What words come to mind when you think of the word power?
  2. How might you know you’re using your power over others?
  3. What do you put in place to actively ensure power with another is balanced, even when you are in a more senior position to them?
  4. What factors impact on you to feel powerless?
  5. What can you do to feel safe and connected to people who value you at these times?
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