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Importance of Your Abdominal Core

In popular fitness culture, the ideal core is often symbolised by ‘6-pack-abs’, which are the most superficial of the abdominal core muscles. If these are overdeveloped and tight, it can become a source of tension and can create spinal problems which leave you open to injury, back pain, restricted breathing and digestive problems.

When in balance, the group of muscles around your core support standing with stability and ease; they allow a full and safe range of motion in the lumbar spine. These muscles support the internal organs and allows breath to flow strongly and freely.  

Yoga is about creating space in your body with the emphasis on a strong and supple core.

Your core is the central link between your lower and upper body. A weak or inflexible core will hamper movement in your arms and hips. A healthy core gives you more power in sports and your daily activities. Weak core muscles make you slouch whereas good posture holds your body and projects confidence.  

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