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How To Edit Formulas

By swapping and evolving your current habits, you can start finding a formula combination that works for you. Here’s how you do it.

When you choose to stick with your formula, at the end of every cycle, you’ll see your habits listed. If any of your habits cannot be swapped or evolved, you’ll see they are greyed out. 

If you have been working on a particular habit that has been working for you, you can develop it further by evolving it if that’s an option. Evolution will make the habit last a bit longer or be a bit more challenging, or might just make you think about it in a slightly different way. Currently, when you choose to evolve, you can’t go back but you are your own boss; if some days you want to meditate for a full 30 mins and others for just 5 mins, that’s perfectly okay.

To see your swapping options, tap a habit that can be chosen. You’ll then see options below to swap it out entirely and pick another habit from the list. This will replace the old habit with the new one and let you try it for an entire cycle to see how you get on with it.

Swapping and Evolving are features exclusive to MENTORPLUS members. You can find out about all the amazing features available to MENTORPLUS members below.

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