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Female-Dominated Workplaces

Working in a female-dominated workplaces can present unique challenges and opportunities. Here are some strategies to help you effectively manage and thrive in such an environment:

  1. Know Your Limits

While it might be that some comments are classed as ‘banter’, know where your limits are.  Be clear in communicating where your line is, so others then are aware of this. Check out ‘Setting Boundaries’ in the Tools section.

  1. Manage Self-Doubt 

Most people experience some degree of self-doubt, where you struggle to acknowledge success and have extreme feelings of self-doubt.  When working as a female in a mostly female workplace, you might feel more likely to compare yourself to others. Remember, you are individual and will bring your own skills and qualities to work.

  1. Mentor

It can be helpful to have a mentor or senior colleague who has some understanding of the challenges you face and can support you to reach the goals in your career. Choose one that you can build a relationship with, who believe in you and will genuinely champion you to others.

  1. Know Your Worth

You have earned your job. Set your expectations about career progression and what success looks like to you. If you feel apprehensive about asking for a pay rise or promotion, check out ‘Learning Assertiveness Skills’ in Work Situations (Situations) and ‘Grounding Tools’ in Anxiety (Tools).

  1. Project Confidence

You don’t have to feel confident to project an image of confidence. Hold your head up and shoulders back, project your voice and tell yourself what you have to say is worth listening to. Check out ‘Positive Self Talk’ in Positivity Intermediate (Tools).

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