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5 Day Meditation Challenge with Carlie

Welcome to Carlie’s 5 day Meditation Challenge, each day has a new and different audio video to listen to.

Try and complete the challenge by watching one every day for the next 5 days. Feel free to revisit certain videos or pause and rewind certain parts if you loose concentration or if life just gets in the way.

Find yourself in a comfortable position, if you are experienced with Meditation, find yourself in Sukhasana by crossing your legs, or a variation of your choice. Sit with a straight back and balance on the centre of your sitting bones, lift up and lengthen through the sides of the body, this lengthening will allow you to expand the rib cage and create more space to breathe deeply. 

For more comfort, sit on a cushion or pillow to elevate the pelvis, especially if you suffer with tight hips. This will also help you to lift and lengthen through the spine. 

If these positions aren’t available to you yet, you may choose to sit on a chair or your sofa with your lower back supported and feet flat on the ground, or you may prefer to lye down flat on your back on a yoga mat, your sofa or your bed. The most important factor is to be comfortable. 

Then move to ‘ Start the challenge on Day One – Unwind

Day One – Unwind

Start the 5 day challenge off with the first video from Carlie, all about unwinding. Get ready to relax and encourage calmness to come over you during these 7 minutes. Feel free to come back to this video any time you feel you need a helping hand to unwind after a busy day, a stressful morning or to help you get ready for a restful night’s sleep.

Day Two – Positivity

Welcome to Day 2 of Carlie’s 5 Day Meditation Challenge. Today we work on inviting more positivity into our lives with this 7 minute mediation. Play this video whenever you’re feeling like you need a bit more sunshine and positivity in your life, either from others or inwards onto yourself.

Day Three – Calm

Join us for Day 3 of Carlie’s 5 Day Meditation Challenge. Today is all about shaking out the tension and negativity to feel energised as well as calm. Starting this 7 minute meditation in a standing position, this may be your first experience with a mediation like this. Enjoy the way it makes you feel at the end and revisit this video if you feel you could do with letting go off the tension and feeling the calmness that comes from it.

Day Four – Reset

Welcome to Day 4 of Carlie’s 5 day Mediation Challenge focused on breath work to help you reset your day, reset your mind and feel ready to start again. This might be for a new day or for a new task at work. Close your eyes and get ready to let go of the stress on your shoulders and use your breath to draw in some new energy.

Day Five – Loving Kindness

Today is the last day of Carlie’s 5 Day Meditation Challenge. How have you done so far? You should be proud of yourself for trying something new and sticking with it for as long as you can. Today’s video is all about letting go any negativity and encouraging kindness towards yourself. Self-care can come in so many different ways, but you can draw in love and light towards yourself and others through your breathing and opening up your heart.

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