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As humans we have a desire to feel a sense of control over our lives, to have the ability to influence what is happening around us. 

The reality is there are a lot of situations that are outside of our control; illness, redundancies and relationships to name a few. However, we can gain a perceived sense of control through adapting our behaviours and focusing on what we can influence.

When we feel out of control it can impact on our mental health due to experiencing fear, hopelessness and uncertainty. We might want to fight against lack of control, becoming frustrated at the situation and blaming others. Feeling out of control often has a detrimental impact on relationships. Those who feel the need to constantly be in control may struggle to trust others or worry what might happen if they relinquish control. 

Ultimately there are a lot of things we cannot change and that are outside of our control. As humans we need to accept this and focus on what we can control….. ourselves. How we perceive and interpret events and respond to situations.

If you or a loved one is in immediate crisis...