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Breaking down your day – Homeschooling

Even though children have returned to classrooms, with ongoing periods of isolation home schooling is still very much an item on our agenda. 

Routine and schedules can help us to feel settled when we know what is planned for the day ahead and helps us to communicate expectations. It is important to remember every child has different needs so do what works for you. 

There are numerous techniques of breaking your day down into bitesize pieces. Pomodoro technique suggests we are more productive when we work in short periods then take a break. We can repeat this two hour cycle throughout our day. 

25 min work5 min break25min work5 min break25 min work5 min break25 min work30 min break

Another example of breaking our day down into bitesize chunks. Scheduling a set amount of time for specific subjects. Create this timetable throughout the week. 

Languages/ History/ GeographyBreakMaths/ Science/ EnglishLunchArts/ PE/ Music

Try both of these to see what works best for you, remember the key to test and adjust. If some days this doesn’t work that is ok. Just go back to the drawing board. Tomorrow is a new day.  

Written by Jessica Flindell

Nursing midwifery council (NMC). British association of behavioural and cognitive psychotherapy (BABCP). Credentials: BSc(Hons), PGdip and Fully accredited BABCP practitioner. Certified provider of cognitive processing therapy (CPT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing , (EMDR) practitioner. 


Cirillo, F (2018). The Pomodoro Technique: The life-changing time-management system. Random House.

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